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I never realized how much of a sexual person I was, until I wasn’t.


Again/let’s get personal

So I know my blog ranges in variety as far as my post; most are just me expressing my emotions. I wanna talk about something that I consider to be on the line of personal and I’m actually quite nervous and almost embarrassed to talk about. Fun fact, I like sex. I like to talk about it, I like to have it and … I even like to watch it.


It’s been a slow journey coming into my Sexuality. It wasn’t until my last relationship that my desire for sex really¬† sprout. I feel like I have a healthy balance between sex with both men and woman as well. Lately I’ve been discovering my own body though.

Going into this journey of solitude, I’ve made a deal with myself. While I consent self exploration, I want to remain celebate as long as I’m single. I’ve noticed I find myself more turned on now than when I was in a relationship. It leaves me often relieving myself, sometimes(not often), twice a day!

Now I don’t know what the social norm is for Masturbation; specially because more than half of women surveyed lie about masturbating >. < I feel it’s important to know your own body, especially before you allow someone else too. So many women, I’m speaking predominantly to the younger sexual active women, don’t enjoy sex. It’s difficult for your partner to give you what you want, when you yourself don’t even know. I mean if they’re already down there doing the work, mine as well make sure they’re doing it correctly. Now while I have that in mind, I don’t want to get attached to my new found discovery. Sex proposes a lot of power and I want to channel that into self discipline.

Come on ladies say it with me, loud and proud, I have a Vagina and I like to touch it !

Okay that was a bit much but what the hell, go hard or go home right?

Chelsi and I Christmas 2013

Chelsi and I Christmas 2013


Again/one night stand

Loneliness can sometimes be dangerous. It can cause you to misjudge and settle for things you normally wouldn’t. Like the attractive male at the bar who makes polite conversation and buys you drinks. Who doesn’t ask for your number or try and make a move on you, yet somehow still lands you in bed.

I’ve never had a one night stand because it’s never just been about sex. I’ve never had a one stand and after tonight, I know why.

Sex is so much MORE than just the physical act.


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