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Again/sensitive much?

… is anyone else here extremely sensitive? To the point that you’re almost embarrassed to admit it? I went to my girlfriends work party this evening and she had mentioned a few nights ago that she found one of her coworkers attractive and of course thats who we end up sitting by by. I’m not sure if I was already paranoid or if she was actually making me feel neglected.. and its not even so much neglected; just that when I was talking to her she would interrupt what I was saying and make a commment to this other person. It only happen twice and again it could just be my paranoia or the fact that I’m sensitive.. or maybe selfish, I’m not quite sure. With the recent events I just feel like I’m always on edge with her. I don’t know, I’m sure it was just me, its usually just me. Its not like I think anythings going on, I just dont like feeling neglected or second.. anyone know what I mean?


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