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Again/self motivated

Why is it so easy to motivate and stay positive for others but not yourself?

I was having a conversation with a cowoker the other day and he was telling me he was an artist and writes his own music and other stuff; I was encouraging him to share his work, come to an open mic and put himself out there. We ended up having a really indepth conversation about life and reality versus our dreams, he told me at the end of the conversation that I really inspired him to put himself out there. I felt so good after that conversation that I went home and began to throw myself into my own work. Now I sit here and I contemplate why it took me motivating someone else to be motivated myself. I mean why can’t I give myself the same peptalk when I’m having writers block or a lack of self discipline.

I suppose that’s the way our brain, well my brain works.. It’s not until I’m scrolling through tumblr and looking at hot girls that I remember I have a gym membership. It’s not until I read something someone else has written that I am inspired, or its not until I help someone see their potential that I remind myself of mine. Are you self sufficient, self motivated? My first thought is yes of course, but then again am I really; are you really? It’s not bad, it doesn’t have to be at least, there are plenty of things in life to motivate and inspire you when you don’t have the energy to do it yourself. My concern would be becoming dependent on it… I want an equal balance, I want to be inspired and I want to inspire myself.





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