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My space

I always forget how important it is for me to have a space where I can come and be free, I can speak my mind without limiting myself or caring what anyone else thinks. I am so grateful to have a blog, to have my own space, I am appreciative to word press and the occasional followers who stop and share my thoughts.

That’s all now, have a good afternoon.


Again/50 never sounded better

Aside from tumblr and WordPress I don’t have any other social media. I find it to be a bit to self absorbing at this time in my life. I’m trying to build a self that’s stands strong on self confidence, worth and acceptance. Social media, while it has good intentions, it doesn’t quite promote those things. I justify tumblr because pictures can be therapeutic and I find it relaxing, as long as I don’t become obsessed and manage my time spent. It’s like a treat at the end of the day on my hour carpool back to lodging. WordPress, I never looked at as social media because it is like an online diary to me. I don’t talk to anyone on the site and while I may follow other blogs and comment here and there, that is was the most contact I make. With that being said, I use WordPress with no boundaries or limitations, I am not trying to impress anyone,¬†obviously if you go back and look at my grammar. I’m here to express me, who I am and what I’m thinking, a lot of my post aren’t even relevant to current events.


With that that being said and a picture just for shits and giggles, I am genuinely humbled to have 50 followers, even if you just pressed the button because I did. If you’re following my blog, it’s not because it’s full of pictures of me and you think I’m attractive. Nor is it because it’s associated with someone else you know, actually whatever the reason it all stems down to the fact that you have found something I’ve said amusing or insightful or relatable or just so absurd that you keep coming back for more. ¬†Nonetheless I am honored to be worthy of your follow. I feel like I have more of a friend in you 50 followers that I ever did in those 500 Instagram followers. You people actually know the things I’m think and by some miracle you’re still here. There’s no filter on the blogs, what you see is what you get and I’m proud to say I’ve been real and if you follow me, it’s for me and nothing less and that’s a good feeling, a really good feeling.

So, thank you 50, for making me feel good.


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