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Again/7 days ago

Well, I think it’s finally hitting me  7 days ago today I was in Colorado. I can’t believe it’s actually over.

Joining Americorps was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I not only benefitted from the experience personally but I made life time friendships and I affected SO many different peoples lives.

I remember when I first joined I was looking for an escape, a safe place where I could still be me; which meant sacrificing my life for others,  but at least in a different atmosphere. I definitely got my escape and I found an entirely different way to give myself to other people. Leaving the program I have gained a new understanding of service that I’m eager to share with any and everyone. I want to continue to give back to my surrounding communities, I WILL continue. 

I am a proud advocate for Americorps. It offers young people an amazing opportunity that builds leadership, life experience, character and so much more. I am definitely encouraging my younger sisters to join after high school, there are so many more options than just going straight to college.

I will proudly wear my A as an alumni.


Again/one night stand

Loneliness can sometimes be dangerous. It can cause you to misjudge and settle for things you normally wouldn’t. Like the attractive male at the bar who makes polite conversation and buys you drinks. Who doesn’t ask for your number or try and make a move on you, yet somehow still lands you in bed.

I’ve never had a one night stand because it’s never just been about sex. I’ve never had a one stand and after tonight, I know why.

Sex is so much MORE than just the physical act.


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