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Again/sensitive much?

… is anyone else here extremely sensitive? To the point that you’re almost embarrassed to admit it? I went to my girlfriends work party this evening and she had mentioned a few nights ago that she found one of her coworkers attractive and of course thats who we end up sitting by by. I’m not sure if I was already paranoid or if she was actually making me feel neglected.. and its not even so much neglected; just that when I was talking to her she would interrupt what I was saying and make a commment to this other person. It only happen twice and again it could just be my paranoia or the fact that I’m sensitive.. or maybe selfish, I’m not quite sure. With the recent events I just feel like I’m always on edge with her. I don’t know, I’m sure it was just me, its usually just me. Its not like I think anythings going on, I just dont like feeling neglected or second.. anyone know what I mean?



Have you ever been so in love that you wanted to scream it from the roof tops. So in love that you could feel it in each breath you took. So in love that the mere thought of life without them gave you anxiety. I am so in love that I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel so consumed and controlled by these feelings and I embrace them. I Shardai Perry embrace not being in control, whoa. But it’s true, I feel like I’ve stepped over a ledge and I’m free falling and I’m not worried about where I’ll land I’m just enjoying the fall. This is the magic they talk about, this is the crazy that ruins lives. This is the kind of love that builds. This is real. I am in love with my best friend of 10 years, this is my person. They know me inside and out. The good the bad and the ugly, they’ve been there. They’ve seen growth, trials and tribulations. Every reason they needed to not date me they have and more, yet here we are loving one another. Honest, genuine, accepting, forgiving, patient, unconditional love. I am lost in her and I don’t want to be found…

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