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Girls trip 2015, Laughlin Nevada



In other news my best friend has moved to Kansas to support her boyfriend in law school and I am devastated. Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled for her and the new adventure, but its kind of like she has taken apart of me with her. Since I’ve been 18 aside from Alicia, she has been my person. Distance wont change that, I was gone for a year last year and were still tight, its just a bit sad. I wish her all the best though and it gives me a reason to get out of California.




Girls night out!

These girls are a riot, always a good time with these ladies by my side. ♡♡♡♡♡

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And a shout out to carebare happy 24th birthday beautiful!



Santa Anita


First time at the racetracks. See the thing with betting is you have to know when to walk away, I’m still learning… it was fun though ! Was accompanied by my best pal Kendra and her fiance Ruben, oh to be surrounded by love.




again/Bubble Run

This weekend my best friend Kendra and I joined hundreds of other enthusiastic (pretend runners because most of US walked) runners at the Pomona Fairplex for the Bubble Run 2015!


Though I was pretty stoked for the T-shirt and matching headband PLUS the stick on tattoo,  being covered in colored bubbles with my best friend trying to walk through a bubble bath (literally a bath of nothing but bubbles) without landing on my ass, was by far the best part.


So much fun going out and being pro-active, even if it is running through colored bubble machines! I love that I can be surrounded by people who don’t mind getting a little dirty with me. I have such a wide range of interest and to always be able to have someone to call on makes me really grateful for the ones I call friend. Especially Kendra, over time our friendship has grown so much and one of the things I value most is that I can be myself and no matter shade of 50 I am (yes, I just made that reference), she will still be right by myside; she’s a true ride or die friend.



Again/ tree krew

After years of separation we finally have managed to all be in the same place at the same time, and man does it feel good ! These girls are my childhood.                                           TreeKrew est: 2007



Again/Old friend

Correct me if I’m wrong, but speaking as a girl I’d like to say we have one or two friends that were very influential in our lives? Almost like a mentor or an icon, someone you wanted to be like growing up in our adolescent.  It could be this way for guys too, but I can’t speak on their behalf. Anyway, the oldest friend I have to date; considering growing up I was never in one place for too long, is Breniesha (bre-knee-sha).
I met Breniesha in the 8th grade, I was 13 years old, that’s about 10 years ago. 


Breniesha had this confidence and natural, dare I say swag about her that I was instantly drawn too. Unfortunately I was still in the process to fully embracing who I was and and all i had to offer, like most insecure and overly aware 13 years olds. Breniesha represented everything I wanted to be. All the guys wanted her and the girls wanted to be her. I don’t know how or why but she took me under her wing, we became inseparable, she was my best friend and and I was hers. I learned how to believe in myself and acknowledge my self-worth. I learned not to care what others thought about me; I also learned how to use my looks to get what I wanted; that’s not as bad as it sounds I promise


After 8th grade we ended up going to separate schools. We still stayed in touch, that’s her and I at my sweet 16 in the picture above, probably the last time we were the closest. After that life and other obstacles got in the way of our friendship and we didn’t reconnect until years later. Like true friendships, once we were back in each others presence it was like nothing had ever changed. Given we had both grown and become separate individuals, she will always be someone I look up to and admire and I will forever credit her for helping me be the confident woman I stand as today.


         Best Friends For Life est 2004

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