Sometimes it’s easy to forget what my life was like. Its easy to pretend that I chose this life myself. Sometimes I close my eyes and I can’t remember their faces anymore; I can’t remember what my room looked like or the color of my sisters hair. Sometimes, I’m genuinely happy. But lately, all I can seem to think about is the last day I was home; what I was wearing, what I had eaten, the last thing I said to my mom when I talked to her.

Interrupting my thoughts Reasenn asks, “What are you thinking about, beautiful?”

“Tomorrow,” I responded as I twitched nervously while laying on the couch.

“And what is tomorrow, darling?” He asks setting down the paint brush and stepping aside from the painting so his body was now visible to me.

“It’s our anniversary,” I hesitated, “two years ago tomorrow, you brought me here,” I said choosing my words cautiously. Reasenn didn’t like to think of it as having taken me, but simply, opening a door I hadn’t known was there. But he did take me, and against my will. I fought it for the longest, a small part of me still fights inside, but at some point I had to take responsibility for my actions. People like Ali don’t get kidnapped, they don’t get kidnapped becuse they are a certain type of person, a person not like me obviously. I think secretly deep down inside, I wanted this, maybe not as dramatic but I wanted to be whisked off my feet and taken away from all my problems by some man in the shadows with a white hat. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be trapped on an island with a man I was forced to love in attempt of survival, but at least here there’s no one to disappoint, no one to compete with.

“Well, we should celebrate; have lunch in town tomorrow.” He said as he picked up the brush and resumed back in front on the painting.

“Sounds perfect,” I smiled and exhaled, I hadn’t even realized I was holding my breath.

We had only gone into town one other time. Reasenn had built everything we could possibly ever need here at The Tub. He called it The Tub because it was an old Navy ship  that washed upon shore and half buried against a small mountain on this tiny island in the middle of the Alantic Ocean some odd years ago.

It was actually one of the most incredible places I had ever seen before. No surprise there though, Reasenn was a genius. There are water pipes connected through an underground tunnel that came through a filter through the ocean. There are wires as well, weaved around the water pipes for electricity and connectivity to a satellite. He constructed his own satellite dish from a lighthouse somewhere off the coast.

Inside there was a home gym, a game room, library, multiple offices, and a tons of bedrooms and other rooms and I have yet to discover.. The ship has an old feel to it, no carpet only wooden tile, I’m sure a remodel Rease had to adjust seeing as the ship was abandon and probably molded from the water. There were no paintings or decorations or even furniture with the exception of the few rooms I mentioned and a few others, but everything was clean and almost new. It was like living in the living room of an abandon house, but abandon or not, this had become home and I had grown quite quaint to our “living room” so to speak. My favorite part of the house was the studio out on the deck, rease built it for me after about a year of us being here.That’s where I spent most of my time, painting gave me a sense of reality and it added a little color to our home.

“Almost finished, darling” Reasenn said peeking from behind the painting.

“Mhmm,” I responded twitching my left foot as it had gone to sleep about fifteen minutes ago.

By the looks of the sun beginning to set, it was nearing five in the evening. We were on the sunroof and I was lying naked, with the exception of a paintbrush between my fingers across a sofa. Reasenn sat behind a drawing board finishing the last piece in his tri series paintings of me. After he learned Titanic was my favorite movie, he insisted that I allow him to draw me.

“Will I be able to see this one?” I asked. Reasenn considered himself a sensitive artist and didn’t want me to see the paintings until they were all finished.

“Tomorrow, my love; after lunch,” he winked at me.

I blushed as the wink gave me an uneasy comfortable feeling, “you’re such a tease.” As much as I knew Rease loved me, I also remembered this was the man that kidnapped me and took me away from everything I had ever known. No matter how much I had grown to love him, no matter how much I sometimes wanted to, I could never forget that.

Reasenn raised his eyebrow and set his paintbrush down, walking towards the couch and kneeling right beside me. Slowly dragging his finger along the inside of my thigh, I stiffened.

“I want nothing more than to please you darling,” he said quietly as he leaned down and kissed the inside of my thigh, the same spot that his fingers just brushed upon.

A soft moan escapes from my mouth as I inhaled sharply, “Rease…” I barely managed to speak, my heartbeat accelerating.  I loved when he made me fee like this, its almost as if we enter our our world and I imagine we’re on our honeymoon on a private island and in just a few days will be back in the city sitting at the dinner table with my parents discussing politics and sports.

In between kisses, “yes darling?” As his kisses got closer and closer to my sex, his hands began roaming over my body, finding their way to my breast, clenching my nipples. Another moan escapes my lips, and before I’m able to respond his lips are around my sex. My back arches and my hands replace his hands as he grabs my waist adjusting my body so I’m now sitting on the edge of the couch, allowing him to easier access my sex. My head flips back and I’m lost in the act. Not sure if its moments or hours later, but suddenly Rease is back behind the painting and I’m lying against the couch again. We make eye contact. He winks. I blush.

“The sun is set, let’s head inside,” he reaches for my robe and hands it to me leading the way back inside the tub.

“I’m gonna shower,” I say as I follow him down the narrow stairs only wide enough to allow us to go in one after the other.

“Alright I set the table for dinner, red or white?” he asks as he’s turned toward the kitchen.

“Surprise me,” I smile and head towards the bathroom. Rease always had a glass of wine with dinner.

Removing my robe as I adjusted the water pressure and temperature I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It’s a wonder how much a person can change in the course of two years. I used to be this thin girl, short black curly hair, brown eyes, and a body that looked like it was still waiting to hit puberty. Now two years later, I stood at 5″5, my hair was still black and curly, but hung just a few inches above my waist. My body had changed tremendously. After losing my virginity to Rease my hips expanded, my breasts grews a cup size as well, now sitting at a healthy D cup. After spending the past year in the gym, I’ve acquired quite a bit of muscle, stamina and metabolism, I could probably take Reasenn if I really wanted too, and believe me some days I did. I looked healthy, I felt healthy, despite my circumstances, I was healthy.

I stepped inside the steaming water, leaving my thoughts outside of the shower. Spinning around so all of my body was immersed in water. Relaxing my muscles and releasing all of the tension out of my neck and shoulders. I picked up my yellow spoofs and lathered it with our homemade lavender bar soap and gently caressed my body. After rinsing off I stood there for what seemed like an eternity just letting the water splash across my body. Feeling the pruning of my fingers I turned the water off and I stepped out of the shower, wrapping my wet hair in a towel first and then my body in the robe. Reaching for the door handle I paused as I heard Rease on the phone. He rarely ever made phones calls. As quiet as I could I opened the door and peeked into the hallway to get a better listen.


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