Goodbye Readers, Hello mind

I’ve been avoiding this blog because I wanted to be in a different place the next time I wrote. I wanted a new story, a new perspective, I wanted to be new. I am, new that is. everyday is new, every experience I’ve had since my last post has been new. I’m avoiding myself really, but now I find myself alone and having no outlet so here I am. I feel like its rude to say I’m alone and have no outlet, I have so many wonderful people in my life that love and care about me. I just don’t let them in, I feel like my problems are trivial and things I could sort on my own, honestly. I know everyone has their own lives and things to deal with, I’d rather be a place a comfort and relief for them, I’d rather provide them with an outlet. Eventually I break, I’m human and I vent and it either helps or makes me wish I never said a thing, but its out nonetheless.

Sometimes I edit when I write, well every time actually; but here on this site I write as if I’m talking to the readers, which isn’t what I need right now. I need a safe spot, a place I can just write and not think or edit or care, a pace I can just express.

Goodbye readers, hello mind.


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