Another shooting in my Backyard

“14 killed, 21 injured in San Bernardino, CA the second worst mass shooting to date”

It sickens me that I can actually say another shooting so causally, as if thats just become a part of everyday life, but it has hans’t it? Over 355 mass shootings in 365 days according to The Los Angelas Times, thats on average at least one mass shootings a day. Pardon my french but, what the fuck. Now people get shot everyday, specially where I’m from or at least the surrounding areas, but a mass shooting is more than four people with no break. My tiny little brain just cant comprehend the growing popularity of mass shootings. Its like a domino affect, every time another one occurs, its publicized, its scrutinized, its sets something off in someone else’s brain and allows them to think of it as an option. So the next time my boss pisses me off or I feel I have been shorthanded, I will actually rationalize “oh maybe I should just come to work and shoot the place up tomorrow”. Is this ever going to end, or is this just our new way of life? I mean honestly how is supposed to end, what are we supposed to do. I know peoples biggest argument is Gun control right now, but past that, the root of the problem. What kind of mental state do you have to be in to commit such an action. What can we do to help before a person gets to the point of LEGALLY purchasing a gun and committing mass murder?

It’s different unfortunately when we see news reports of mass shootings, its different because were watching it on T.V. We feel for the victims, we cry, we pray for them and then time passes and they just become another statistic. I suppose I should only speak for myself, its different for me because its not happening to me or anyone I know. But yesterday, literally 10 minutes from my house 14 innocent people were killed, 21 were injured and three murdered sent our local police on a wild goose chase for justice. The sirens I heard were not coming from my television but from outside my door, I could literally hear the sirens, life has never felt more real than in those moments.. and even now that the suspects have either been killed or obtained and we await a motive that will give us some piece of mind; because once we can justify it we can sleep better at night. I sit here wondering what do we do next?  Just accept that this happens and now its happened to us but life goes on. I don’t want to become immune to this, I don’t want it to be apart of my everyday life, and yeah its unfortunate that it had to happen close enough to me for me to realize, but fact is it happened and I don’t want to just sit back and wait for the next mass shooting.


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