Comfort foods


Oh the many foods that comfort me, this list is endless so I’ll choose my top five and stick to that.

Peanut butter and toast,  why you ask? It was, well is one of my mother’s favorites. I don’t particularly care for it all that much but when I find myself missing her, eating peanut butter and toast makes me feel better. Like I’m closer to her in someway. There’s a few foods that I associate with people that I personally don’t care for, but will eat in their honor.

Green bell peppers, since my transition into vegetarianism these little bad boys have become my obsession. I cook them with, everything or I eat them all by themselves like an apple (which I despise by the way).  They are the perfect combination of crunch and juice and the flavor last long after you’ve swallowed. They’re convenient and good for you.

Noodles (preferably chicken flavored) you can’t go wrong with a 4 minute meal that actually fills you up. I was born with noodles and I’ll probably die with noodles. They’re cheap, easy, salty, horrible for you and taste amazing. I think that’s the definition of a comfort food.

Little debbie strawberry shortcakes, this was difficult choosing just one desert. I have the sweet tooth of a 5 year old and I have no shame. My first option for comfort food is ALWAYS something dweet, there’s is no certain mood for that, it’s just life. These little angels are my favorite for no particular reason other than they just taste good. I love unrapping the roll and locking the cream out first and then eating the shortcake…*mouth waters* mind out if the gutter please, it is food we’really talking about here.

French fries, because who’s comfort food is not french fries.


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