I want to feel you inside me.

I want the quickness of your hand striving to bring my body to the shakes.

I want your eyes peering into me as my head tilts back and my lips part and I struggle to find my breath.

I want your lips to my skin, smacking as you leave trails of kisses all over me, feeding on my brown sugar.

I want your hands to graze across my skin like a lion gracing a field for its prey.

I want your hands searching my body for a spot of weakness, showing no mercy as I cry out for you.

I want your tongue to find its way home, buried inside me turning tricks to reveal my pleasure.

I want my sweetness to cover your face and drip down your chin as you devour the savory taste.

I want the arch of my back and the depth of my moan to encourage you to bring me home.

I want the grasp of my hands clawing in your hair, the circular motion of my hips to force you to ride me to ecstacy.

When my doors close around you and my body retracts for a moment of air I want you to pull me back in and drown me…

drown me in your love, drown me in your.                         desire, drown me in your pleasure, drown.                       me in the pure awe, drown me with my.                           own breaths fighting to leave my mouth,                         drown me.


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