We take the universe for granted. We overlook small moments of magic. We are blind to what is really in front of us. Distracted by the chase of life, always wanting the next big thing, searching for happiness in all the wrong places. It’s draining the chase, we revitalize with those moments of magic. Some are easier to get to than others, some moments we spend our whole life chasing just to get there and be to tired to really even value the moment. Some moments don’t require a chase though, some the universe so graciously just hands it to us if only we’d open our eyes. Why can’t we build ourselves on the tiny moments of magic that are free, maybe then will see that the magic we are chasing is not worth the chase. My tiny moment of magic that I vow to appreciate, to live and let run through my veins providing me the energy to chase the magic I most desire… the sunset, the sunrise, the guarantee of another day. The magic of a do over, nothing more priceless than the universe saying “it’s okay, tomorrow’s a new day”. With the start and end of another day, with that magic I won’t give up. I’ll go on, because the sun always rises.


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