Love bipolar

I’ve been tagged again, love bipolar they call me. At some point it stops being everyone else and the realization sets in, it’s me. But is this something I should fight or should I embrace it, learn to accept it.

Perhaps my WordPress community can help me once more..

I seem to have this pattern, I become infatuation with someone, fall in love even. They are my first and my last thought and it’s genuine emotion.. and then it just fades, for no particular reason. It’s not even that I don’t want to be with the person, my level of infatuation just isn’t the same. From that point on I have good days when it feel like new love and then I have other days when they are just a person in my world. I know it sounds horrible, but it’s not like I just stop loving them, I always care and I knowe their significance in my life. It’s happen multiple times and with different people.

Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this type of behavior in their relationships.. I know when you’re married, when you’ve been married for a long time you will always love the person but you fall in and out of love them so to speak.

I don’t know >. < am I crazy WordPress? Not suites for love perhaps, or could it be that I just haven’t found the one(s). Someone please explain my behavior, or at least give me your opinion. I don’t want to make the people I love feel like I don’t want them anymore, because it’s not the case, I just …


2 Responses to “Love bipolar”

  1. June 30, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    Who knows if we’re crazy, those of us who love fully. I wonder if the “crazy” ones are those who don’t find or create love.
    I’ve felt like you describe, and have tried withdrawal (boring) and slowing down (sweet, yet not as exciting). Lately, I’ve been enjoying my life, as I’ve chose to cultivate many kinds of love in my life. This is working well for me now, although it may also be a bit crazy. Yay!

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