“She was a storm; every bit as fierce and every bit as captivating.
She came without warning, and left no time to seek shelter.
I was mesmerized by the sound of her words, like lightning to my heart, sending electricity through my body with every syllable.
She was strong; she had a trail of broken hearts a mile long, and she swept mine away with one gust of her smile.
I probably should have ran like hell, but her rains were beautiful; the kind you willingly danced in.
She didn’t just rain, she was a torrential downpour and her waters ripped through my floodgates, submerging my heart in its time of drought.
No radar could have predicted I’d be hit this hard, 2,000 miles off the coast, and no weather man would ever believe, that I found safety, starring into the eyes of a hurricane.”

KN. Oakes



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