Again/Gender roles

2 Wives, 2 Pregnancies, 2 Photos: One Year Apart

I came across this photo during my internet browsing, it was attach to story on yahoo about a lesbian couple in which both partners decided they wanted to carry a child, they had the second child just eleven months after their son was born. Aside from the adorableness of the picture I was drawn to the story because I too have once shared the view that in a lesbian relationship there is  typically a feminine girl and a more masculine girl, but it’s not always the case. This is a perfect example, regardless of who “wheres the pants” in their relationship they are both women and as one of the partners states in her interview ” the women’s body was made to carry a child”. There doesn’t have to be a boy and a girl role in a lesbian relationship, I mean you’re with a WOMEN because you are attracted to WOMEN. That’s not to say anything against women who like to dress more masculine or who simply have a more dominating personality, that’s all fine and dandy, but don’t let that be confused with gender roles in lesbian or any LGBTQ relationship fro that matter.




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