I have mindlessness syndrome its kind of like restlessness syndrome in the sense that I am always doing something, but instead I am always thinking. The only real escape I have from thinking is television, if I’m choosing to watch something mindless (ie. cartoons, movie you’ve seen 100 times). It’s fairly difficult to live with, I often find myself tired or anxious or constantly rushing; I also get frequent headaches. Living with this condition has always seemed like a burden but I’ve began to look at it in a new way. It’s began to peak my interest in studying the human brain. The idea that my brain is able to process thoughts simultaneously as I do, everything! It makes me wonder where do my thoughts come from, what part of the brain controls them and does it ever rest (other than sleeping). It must be within human reach to tap in to that area of the brain and learn to control it, monks are said to be able to do it (how else do you achieve 24 hour meditations and 17 years vows of silence).

Just a thought …


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