Well wordpress, I did it ! It was not easy, there were a few times to many that I wanted to pull the plug on the whole fast but I stayed strong and disciplined and I completed my challenge and I couldn’t be happier with myself.

Coming off the fast I’ll ease myself back into solid foods giving my digestive system some time to adjust. Today and tomorrow I’ll consume fruits and juices and veggies and I even had soup tonight. By Sunday I should be well adjusted and can consume things like dairy and beans and sugar. I feel good though, strong and steady. I only managed to lose a few pounds mostly which was water weight and will come back in next week or so, so that’s a good sign as well.

This was the first step in many more that I want to take in remaining true to myself and staying self disciplined. You don’t have to starve yourself to begin the change within, for me it’s a very good transition from where I was to where I want to be; no matter what point I’m at in life. Almost like a start over, that’s why I’m a fan of  these fast and will continue them in the future. Nonetheless hope this provided some insight to something new and thanks for the support!


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