This is not the firs time I’ve done this, but it will be the first time I’m recording it. I’m choosing to do so because the last few times I’ve attempted this I have not had the self disciple to see it through, so I’m hoping posting this will hold me more accountable and remind me why I chose to fast in the first place.

For the next 72 hours I am going to consume water and only water, for a couple reasons. First It’s a natural detox that flushes the body of toxins and such and if not abused can actually be really healthy and aid in preventing future disease. Second, it takes a lot of self discipline and typically I will set a goal that I’m fasting for that encourages me to remain strong through out the fast. I also use the time I would spend eating or thinking about eating focusing on that set goal (I’ve done it to cure writers block, or finish a project or force myself to focus on something personal I’ve been avoiding).

The Physical Process *

DAY 1: The primary form of energy the body uses for energy is glucose; most of this is extracted or converted from the food we eat. Throughout the day, the liver stores excess sugar in a special form called glycogen that it can call on as energy levels fall between meals. There is enough of this sugar source for 8-12 hours of energy and usually, it is completely exhausted within the first 24 hours of fasting.

DAY 2-3: Once the liver’s stores of glycogen are gone, the body begins to shift over to what is called ketosis (or ketone) production (the use of fatty acids as fuel instead of glucose.  The body then accesses glucose from two sources it first converts glycerol to glucose but this is still insufficient so it makes the rest that it needs from breaking down the amino acids in muscle tissue.

DAY 3: From the third day onward the rate of the breakdown of fatty acids from fat tissue continues to increase… (This is where I stop but if you were to continue) after the body has shifted completely over to ketosis, is where the maximum breakdown of fat tissue occurs. As part of protein conservation, the body also begins seeking out all non-body-protein sources of fuel: nonessential cellular masses such as fibroid tumors and degenerative tissues, bacteria, viruses, or any other compounds in the body that can be used for fuel.


My fast begins will begin today Monday beginning at 7 am and I will consume food again Thursday at 7 am.

Wish me luck!


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