As a writer you may already know there are many unfinished best sellers lying around weather on your laptop in your notebook or simply in your head. This past year I have actually completed my first book. I’m in the process well I can’t really say in the process because I haven’t started but I’m at a point now where I need to start editing the book. I’m having a hard time finding the motivation to do so. I use this site called booksie.com, it’s a place writers can share their writing and receive and give feedback. I posted a handful of chapters just too see if I had a good story line. I received a plethora of feedback, most correcting my writing, while I was thankful it was also discouraging. I know as a writer you have to have tough skin, even the best of writers make mistakes. I think at this point I need encouragement. I’ve always been so private with my writing, but I need to put myself out tbere, how else do I expect to grow.

Im gonna create a page and start posting some of the chapters of my book and I’m looking for all the feed back, criticism and encouragement I can get. I am going to fully submerge myself into committing to this book and  I thank you in advance for contributing.


2 Responses to “Again/submerging”

  1. January 5, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    Best of luck to you! You’re one step closer to being a great writer by exposing your work & accepting the constructive criticism. Can’t get much braver than that.

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