So I know I just recently went into word vomit, but I had quite an interesting weekend and I have to share at least a part of it; please bare with me.

Again I’m gonna share with you something I have intentionally been keeping from you, just because of my line of work and personal preference. I am a frequent user of the cannabis.

This weekend I noticed a couple things: First, I don’t hang out with anyone else that is a user of cannabis.  (I can’t tell if it sounds weird like that or should I just say I smoke weed?) Now that, I already knew, and I’m fine with that. There are a lot of stereo typical cannabis users out there and I’m not one of them, so smoking alone works well for me.

It’s hanging out with people while I’m high and they are not.

a few things happen when I get high. I become insanely funny or at least I think so. I also become 10 times more aware of my surrounding, which can both be a benefit and a liability. So when I am hanging out with friends I’m paying more attention to the details. This is okay with some friends and not okay with other friends. If I’m more aware and I’m hanging out with people who on a normal basis are not very aware, the situation is going to conflict. As opposed to hanging out with people who have great situational awareness,  whereas that is going to stimulate me.

The next thing I noticed this weekend was my taste in entertainment has changed. So I like to drink, no secret there and about a year ago I would of been down every night for drunk dancing at the club. That was just my scene. Something happened over this past year and after partying this weekend I’ve kind of decided I’m over it.
I’d much rather be at home drinking and lounging with friends than be in some dark, hot, over croweded and over priced, ranging hormones night club.

The bar is debatable. If I’m with good company I can enjoy that more than a club. But mostly I like being at someone’s house, bring my own drinks or they provide drinks, good friends maybe even some tunes and call it a night! I can still dress up and I don’t have to worry about my feet hurting half way through the night. I can still take pictures and even dance if I’m drunk enough. I can even meet new people or bring someone new.


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