Again/Helping Hands

Today, like I said I would, I took my two younger sisters to the local food pantry in my city to volunteer.


We packed boxes of food and sorted different items and she shoveled flour and sugar and beans into small bags. While other people took all those sorted and bagged items and made family bags. The Helping Hands food pantry serves over 10,000 people a week and I’m glad to say we were apart of that process this week. San Bernardino county though one of the largest in the US, it’s also the 2nd most property stricken county there is.

“You wanna help? Go next door.” – Should have said everyone

It was a proud moment taking my younger sisters to give back. They were a little skeptical at first but by the end they were glad they went through with it. It’s funny every person we encountered there kept asking if we were from a church or there for school or a project, they seemed surprised when I said no were just here helping out.

Do people not solely volunteer anymore?


We will definitely be back to this pantry, I’d like to explore other volunteering opportunities my city offers but this is close to home.

Super encouraged and I encourage all of you to jump into your com
munity and find ways to give back, it’s such a selfless selfish act


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