Again/Other Person

Ladies and gentleman’s I ask, what is your stand point on being the other person?


Personally I think it’s all situational. Am I the other person because I’m in love and I’m waiting for my turn or am I the other person and it’s just sex. What put me in the place to be the other person?  We’re we friends and it escalated, are they an ex and we’ve rekindled that flame, did I not know at first, how did I get to being the other person…

I’m not the best hype man for monogamy not that I don’t believe it’s attainable I just feel there are a lot of other options. So if I meet someone and they happen to already be in a monogamous relationship, while I’m still going to be me; meaning I’ll flirt and test the boundaries to establish them, I am not a home wrecker. I’m not trying to lead someone astray. I’m being myself. If something does happen it was there choice just as much as it was mine. Now with that in mind, I am no one’s secret and while I’ll respect your wishes of staying monogamous, I won’t lie.


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