So I live in Southern California, in the county of San Bernardino and I never noticed until after being away for quite sometime, just how beautiful my surroundings really are. My location is in the perfect spot, about an hour from the beach and an hour from the moutains. Yesterday just casually riding from one point to another I snapped a few pictures. It’s easy to take for granted what we see on a daily basis. My view is not the norm, I went to places where mountains weren’t a foreign concept; this sight that I’m able to gaze over at any given time is a privilege and a reminder at just how big our earth is.

I promised myself one thing when I left Virginia, that I would be more aware of not only my actions but my also surroundings. The mountains are beautiful not only for their natural form but because they serve as a reminder that over time things can grow. That we have the ability to sustain for a substantial amount of time. The mountains give me courage to stand tall and firm despite the natural occurrences that are out of my control.



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