Do you like the sound of your laugh? Have you listened to yourself laugh enough that if it weren’t your laugh and you heard someone else laugh that laugh, you would recognize it?

My laugh, when genuine, is sweet.

It is a lovely sound to my ears, it is warm and cozy and safe and secure and it makes me smile.

My laugh is lip bitting, eyes closing, breath taking, quivering uncontrollably satisfying.

I feel my laugh all throughout my body, from my intestines to my achilles hill, from the lasting tingle it leaves on my tongue, to the growing rumble that echos throughout my chest.

My laugh cures heartache and sadness, it dodges that black cloud and protects me from the thieves of the night.

My laugh is contagious, limitless, it knows no bounds and shows no mercy. It takes hostages and kidnaps the innocent, my laugh longs for company and won’t cease until it’s accompanied.

My laugh is my greatest weapon, it breaks hearts just to put them back together again.

Sometimes it hides just to be found, sometimes it wears a disguise just to be discovered.

My laugh has a mind of its own, just to be explored.

My laugh, is mine.


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