I don’t do shout outs very much, but I should because as often as it feels the universe is against me, it has a way placing the most amazing people in my life, and they should be recognized.

So behold here I give you the one and only, Elizabeth.(if by some miracle you’ve been here from the beginning or went back and read, the name might sound familiar as she is apart of the infamous ‘ treekrew’)

Happy Birthday Bunnee ♡

Happy Birthday Bunnee ♡ 

Beautiful as she is, It’s not why she’s amazing. In all honesty you’d have to know her to really grasp why she is so amazing. We live in a generation where common sense is rare, and this woman practically wrote the handbook. Having common sense is enough alone to make her amazing but it’s not the only reason. Most people have a heart and they know it’s beating and some might even understand its actual function in the body. Most and I say most estimating based on the thousands of people I’ve interacted with in my time, do not understand that though the heart serves to keep us alive, it’s greater function is to inspire and motivate us to care for someone else’s heart. It’s what separates us from the animal kingdom, emotion. Elizabeth has a heart and knows what to do with it and that people, is why she is amazing.



1 Response to “again/bunnee”

  1. 1 Elizabeth
    September 30, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    Too sweet Shardai. I knew you were poetic but dayyuummmmm. 😍

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