Again/happy birthday

23 years ago today, I was born.

Birthdays are weird aren’t they? I’ve never been a center of attention kind of perrson, although I’m sure plenty would beg to differ, but I swear it. I’m more of the supporting actor to the lead, see I like to be where the attention is don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to be the center of it. Birthdays are like a national day of center of attention. I love the excitement of your birthday approaching, specially when you have exciting plans. But now that my birthday is actually here, it just feels like any other day.

At this point in my life the hardest thing about today and the best part, is reflecting on the past year. Looking at where I was last year on this day and comparing it to today. Seeing the growth and or the repetition of my life. Self reflection, it’s deep. Ha

This is my, it's my birthday, face ^.^

This is my it’s my birthday, face ^.^

Dear Shardai,

What a journey this past year has been, although we have battle wounds we also have the scars of a warrior and I’m proud to say were not same person we started this journey as. In the past year we have loved and been loved, we have broken hearts and had our heart broken. We have also traveled and met new people, we’ve opened your eyes and became more aware of our surrounding. We’ve learned to be silent and to enjoy our own company, and we’ve recently started on a path that we have yet to travel, we’re investing in us, learning to fill the void of love in ourself that only we can. I can’t wait to see where our journey has taken us 365 days from now, but I am confident that we will be stronger, wiser and overall better. I love you like no one else, because no one else can love you, like YOU.

Sincerely self

p.s I play hide and seek with the sunrise ^.^



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