Again/4 years ago …

Almost 4 years ago to date I wrote my last blog. We’ll it actually didn’t turn out to be my last blog, I started a few others, but as for this blog specifically, it was my last entry.

I recently started a new blog on Blogspot, but I seemed to venture back to this one quite often just strolling through memory lane, when an idea struck me. In my introduction to all my previous blogs, because blogs need an introduction, I’ve explained that I am a serial blogger, often starting and committing to a blog for a certain amount of time and then deserting it all in a moments notice, but I never delete the blogs, I always leave them up for reference. We’ll I’m at a point in my life where I’m making the biggest commitment I’ve ever made, to myself. I’m single, and if you’ve actually read any of my blogs over the past 5 years, you’d know I’ve never been single, even if I wasn’t in a relationship there was always someone. There’s no one but me now, and it’s time, I’m days away from turning twenty-three and I’m ready to make an investment in myself. The next time I enter a relationship it’s going to be because I’m ready to invest in my future. Anyway, I’ve come back to this blog because it was my first and I thought it fitting to record my next journey where I first started, then you can really see the growth.

I blog for me. A free space I can express myself the way I know how, through my words. Every so often I encounter someone who tells me my words have help them, awesome, but I don’t aim to inspire, no offense. I just need somewhere I can go and be real. With that being said, I hope I do say something someone can relate to, something that someone needs to hear, but if I don’t, don’t hold it against me


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