Her: So at the club … blah blah blah flirted with a girl.

(she told me this after we had just had the most intense argument ever, at least for me)

Me: Honestly, I don’t even care right now.  It’s just flirting and (shakes head)

(take into consideration there’s a million other things going through my head, there’s still a lot that we need to talk about and stuff, so at that moment I really didn’t care, given: I probably still should have acknowledged that she told me and I was grateful for it)

Her facebook status: when I tell you something I did,and you say “i don’t care”, don’t worry ima make sure you care about what I do next time…and the next time I may take stuff a lil further.

so can i just say, WHAT THE FUCK? <– please forgive my language.

i think it was a given that I wasnt saying “i don’t care what you do” at that moment i just didn’t think that was important, its not like she was confession she had feelings for the girl, it was harmless flirting, her words.

I’m not sure how she expected me to re act, maybe I am wrong, but either way this is not a good start to “working on us”. FML


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