remember/Picture perfect

The past couple of days have been amazing. <– &&I’m so thankful for that.

Minus the minor interruptions, My period.

Dinner for smucks was hilarious!

“you have a picture of Darla, haha i wonder how Julie feels about you having a picture of you and Darla up”

“…..  uh .. well .. they had the same face”

“you can eat my pudding”

and then step up 3d, with only one pair of  3d glasses. lol not bad minus the story line!

“i like your accent”

“thanks we like yours too”

“I don’t have an accent”

ohmygoodness 106 flavors, we have to try them all!  or we could just fill up on cherry lemonade, yumm 🙂


Haha in the driveway? let’s have a picnic? wanna color? whaaaat 🙂 lol

i want someone to stay young with, not grow old with ❤

damn, how did aj miss that, lmao.


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