Remember/Mushy Gushy Stuff

I love you I love you I love you, oh and by the way I love you 🙂

I used to think it wouldn’t last. I used to think she would hurt me. I used to think I could push her away. I used to think she would leave me. I used to think it was a joke. I used to think she didn’t really love me. I used to think it wouldn’t last

USED Being the key word 😉

 I love her more when the sun goes down because that means we’ve surpassed another day, I love her even more when the sun comes out because that means we’re blessed with another day.

I hate when she glances a different direction than me, I hate when she talks about other girls, I hate that she has a past, I hate that she can’t forget her past, I hate that I’m not her first love, I hate that other girls like her, I hate it all so much that it makes me love her even harder. 

I hate that I love her, but love that I don’t have a choice

she’s that mushy gushy television type of love, that lets dance randomly in the middle of the street at two o clock in the morning type of love, that type of love that people look at and don’t even realize were gay type of love.

 she’s happy love =)

I’m always on my A game cause that’s what I was taught, but she makes me wanna step it up another notch, I want to walk in a room full of people and I want to look so good that all they can do is shake their head mouth out the word damn and shake her hand out of respect.

shes my fairytale love ❤


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