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I wanted to tell her;  I wanted to say “it will be ohkay”

but I wanted to say it and mean it, and at that moment I didn’t know if it would be.

so I did what any other person would have done; theoretically speaking of course.

I cried and I prayed, until I realized I didn’t have to know if it  was going to be ohkay.

I just needed to have faith.

then I realized once again, but she’s my faith.

how do I convince her of something she convinces me of everyday?

Monkey see monkey do, I’ll just show her ❤



You are convinced that taking yourself seriously now will help you make the right decisions, but you could be so focused on the facts that you miss something else that’s even more important. Sometimes, a leap of faith can make all the difference in the world. If there’s something that you’re thinking about leaving behind, set the facts and figures aside long enough to check in with your heart. Don’t discount the power of your own intuition.



remember/Picture perfect

The past couple of days have been amazing. <– &&I’m so thankful for that.

Minus the minor interruptions, My period.

Dinner for smucks was hilarious!

“you have a picture of Darla, haha i wonder how Julie feels about you having a picture of you and Darla up”

“…..  uh .. well .. they had the same face”

“you can eat my pudding”

and then step up 3d, with only one pair of  3d glasses. lol not bad minus the story line!

“i like your accent”

“thanks we like yours too”

“I don’t have an accent”

ohmygoodness 106 flavors, we have to try them all!  or we could just fill up on cherry lemonade, yumm 🙂


Haha in the driveway? let’s have a picnic? wanna color? whaaaat 🙂 lol

i want someone to stay young with, not grow old with ❤

damn, how did aj miss that, lmao.


Remember/Replay :)

somethings don’t go as planned for a reason” <– and I wouldn’t change it if I could.

Amazing is an understatement, I had one of the best nights of my life.

Movie was a no go!

Chuck E Cheese <– She’s no longer a virgin lol

Read a book in the park :] <– “whats the difference between a fem and a lesbian”

Desert at the melting pot ❤ <– AMAZING!

The night ended with blankets, the beach, the moon, the sound of waves, and just me and her.

Somewhere in my heart beyond all my pride
holds a secret desire so intense, deep inside.
Imprisoned with all my passion and love,
unknown to anyone but the one above.
A desire for someone to cherish and hold,
the need for a love to call my own.
Someone to kiss and make up with after fight.
Someone who can respect all I can be.
Someone who’s strong enough to commit and love only me.
Someone who will be there and kiss away my tears,
secure my doubts, and release me from all my fears.
Someone I can depend on to be my friend, someone who can restore my faith in love once again.
This love is like a dream yet to come true,
Or so I believed until I found you.

I love you sheena alexandria maxwell

happy anniversary


Remember/Ready for a Fight

“I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love”

I meant it when I said I want to be your world, and I wont stop until I am.

Too much has happen for me to go back, to much is getting ready to happen for me stay here, my only choice is to move forward.

All or nothing, and I’ve had “nothing”, so I really can’t lose.



How do I know what to and what not to take personal?
What you say to me is whats meant for me to know,
but what about the things you don’t say to me, that I still know.
Just when I think I’ve grasped it, I hear, see or feel something differently
and I find myself back where I started.
“the sooner I grasp my reality the easier it will be to protect myself”

Remember/Relay 4 Life

Got a new bracelet  🙂

turned out better than I thought

(shakes head) some people never change

all in all, worth it.

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