Remember/A Second

For a second I forgot who I was, what I stood for and most importantly where I came from.

I get people change. Theirs nothing wrong with letting go of the past, but I’m a bit different, the past is more than what made me, the past is me.

What happen to the girl that you never saw without a smile, the girl you would have never known had problems. <– she let people in, got close that’s what happen. But somewhere a long that way I lost who I was.

Somethings I cant change back, its just me now, but some things I can and I will.

I’m still the girl you can call at 3am because you had a nightmare, I’m still the girl who gives unlimited chances because I’ve been given chances, I’m still the girl I used to be.

I lost my faith, I said it once I’ll say it again, but then I thought about it, you don’t lose your faith, you just stop believing, today I realized I was crazy to think I could just stop, To think he had just stopped, Today I realized that even when I don’t believe .. he’s still there. Today I acknowledged him in a way I have not done in a while, today and for as long as he lets me live I believe.


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