I realized tonight that I’m not much of a party girl, and as much as I love the center of attention, not so much at a party.

I’m actually kinda of a good girl, who would have thought =]

I’d rather stay at home and chill or read a book. Don’t get me wrong I like going out, if I’m with the right people. I’ve realized that “my friends” although they may be my friends, I don’t feel that comfortable with, I kinda feel like the odd one out actually, which normally I don’t mind but in some scenes i.e “parties” I’d rather be with people I feel comfortable with and can loosen up and stuff.

I miss the tree crew honestly … Kcat, Liz &Carolyn(:

yeah I was the token one, but we were all different yet the same, and with them I felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be and they wouldn’t say anything or make feel weird .. I don’t know maybe I’m just being too sensitive =/

Live above the influence ❤


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