Remember/It’s Real <3

Unknown: How do you know you’re in love with her?

Me: My whole life no matter what I’ve wanted to do I’ve always wanted to go to New York, plain and simple. Something about the city life screams Shardai. I decided I wanted to go to school out there, I was going to transfer from RCC and finish school out there. But then me and Alex starting getting serious, and I started realizing I could have a future with her, that I wanted one, and when I realized I was actually starting to fall in love with her I made a new decision. Alex wants to be chef, she wants to own her own restaurant, she deserves that and she would be good at it, I want her dreams too come true. She wants to start from where she came from, La. If I go to New York, she’ll either stay (because I forced her too) or she’ll follow me and then her dreams won’t come true, now I know she says I’m her dream or she can do it later but I want that for her, and I want it now. I know I’m in love with Alex because I want to stay in LA and transfer out there so her dreams can come true.

Unknown: Wow, your really in love shardai, congrats.

She’s my drug, and I’m sweetly addicted ❤


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