Remember/ Opposites attrack

I don’t too much buy into the ‘astrology’ world, more so see it as entertainment. But occasionally it stikes the right key. with Me and Alex, I might just say, I agree.

Virgo + Pisces <– Earth + Water = Mud

There’s a contradiction between Virgo and Pisces. You are opposite signs: astrologically, this is usually considered a positive indicator for love and marriage. At the same time, you have very different approaches to life, and very different personalities. Because of this, it’s quite surprising that you’re even attracted to each other. But attracted you may be — don’t write it off.
Pisces is a water sign, and therefore sensitive and extremely intuitive. You, on the other hand, are rational and less emotional. The way you express yourselves, the way you see the world, and — most importantly — the way you want to engage in love is quite different.
Pisces is a dreamer, constantly imagining new possibilities in life and relying on their intuition. They live in a way that you find hard to understand, intellectually. You are a doer. You use reason and cold hard facts to make decisions.
One thing you have in common is that both of you are changeable and moody.
The important difference is that you’re driven to understand, categorise and solve each and every problem meticulously, where Pisces is happy to wait, and let emotional forces reveal the answers to them.
You may interpret their approach as laziness and attack them for it. This is a bad idea: you could damage the relationship irreparably. Just because Pisces doesn’t hit back, it doesn’t mean you haven’t hurt them. Water signs don’t get even straight away. They brood, and wait for the right moment to retaliate.
Any sharp criticism will scar Pisces; in the long run it will scare them off. So pull back on the self-control reins and don’t ask for things that really mean you want them to be different.
Your best combination is with a Piscean born between 19 February and 28/29 February. These Pisces will offer you a very stable life. There’s a chance you could build a fulfilling relationship with them and learn a lot about your own feelings in the process.

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