Remember/Cheer Comp ’10

Picture up loader thing is being gayy =/ <– I’ll try and upload them later.


Today was Skyler (little sister) cheer leading competition at Knotts. They won! State champs baby, woo woo. <– by the way she’s in the 5th grade. They did an amazing job, and I’m not just saying that because its my little sister (ohkay maybe a little). Skyler even had a solo! <– taught her well 😉

Then we went to play at knotts :] spent most of the day trying to win my babe prizes, ugh stupid games , there a rip off, how I spent that much money I have no idea =/. <– she might be mad lol but I got her lots of suprizes(: Rode a couple of rides and watched the kids pretty much.

Longest day ever though, woke up at 5am, and my 4 yr old niece drove me CRAZY all day! “mm mmm mmm chiiiild” <– pardon my ghetto.

Home now, and super exhausted, gotta wake up early again for church though.

Remember:Give freely and without hesitation, so that you will e blessed easily and without second thought” <3!


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