Remember/ Ultimate High

Life is crazy <– an understatement right, I know.

It has its ways of taking you by surprise. It’s like the ride at Magic Mountain, Goliath <– I think that’s how you spell it? Anyway, when your first on the ride and you’re going down this steep hill and at the bottom it looks like your going to smash into the wall, but you don’t. In those 3.5 seconds your heart stops, fear is nothing, if you’ve never been on that ride and its your first time, you literally think your going to die <– A bit dramatic I know. But then when you come up, and oxygen is returned back to your body, you’re in a state of mind that is so crazy that you don’t even realize, your going down again.

Thats Life!

Life is the ultimate high, it’s those 3.5 seconds that we live for, those 3.5 breath taking seconds that we cherish. We thrive off of fear, it’s an adrenaline rush that our body sometimes doesn’t even recognize.

But with every high there’s a low, and although life has that ultimate high, it has an ultimate low as well. And believe me that can be just as surprising. Kinda feeling the metaphors today so let’s go with another one. Lets say your bungee jumping <– And if your crazy enough to try that, then your already on your own high. Now  going into bungee jumping you already know the risk and how it goes. Life is like the rope, you think its got you, until your falling down hands in the air feeling like your on top of the world, and then BAM that’s when the rope snaps and before you can even comprehend whats happening you hit the ground.

Thats lifeToo!

May be clisha, but life IS a roller coaster, and for every up there’s a down.

Remember: “Never think life is too good, because it can and eventually will get worse, but still live it to the fullest because after every low there’s a high” <3!


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