Hello/Remember <– (:

So as I opened this blog to start writing, before I even knew what I was going to write about the song pretty wings came on, and I took that as a sign ;]

She’s my past and my present, 2 down and 1 to go.

I want her to be my future as well, but I’m TERRIFIED of what the future holds. Weather we will work out, whether I’ll fall in love with someone else, whether she’ll leave me when opportunity comes knocking <– and believe me it will.  Or my worst fear of all, my father <–God(: will come back before we get a chance to work this whole thing out.

I’ve never had something in my life that scares me as much as she does, Please note : all of this with the exception of God. So scared that I literally can cry at just the thought of having something that strong in my life. Its the hardest this I’ve had to endure in my life, which sounds contradicting if you know my life, but look at it from my perspective.

Any and everything that I have went through in my life, I survived because I had God, because I had faith. Not to say I don’t have God now, or faith. It’s just a lot harder when the situation I’m enduring is going against his “very word”. How can I expect him to help me, when .. well ya know. It be like asking a police officer to have my back as I race this kid next to me, can I do that?

SIGH <– Don’t mean to be a bummer on love, she is the best thing I never knew I needed, and she does make it all worth it, and believe it or not I do love her, there’s just a lot to consider.

Remember: “No matter what your father loves you, and with love you can concur the world” <3!


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