Remember/ Never Enough

I feel like no matter what I do in life, it’s never going to be enough for people.

You tell me im not trying, so i try but it’s not enough. You tell me I do this wrong, so I do it right yet it still not enough. you tell me this needs to be fixxed, so I fix it, but it’s still not right!

Whats the point of me even trying anymore, like seriously?

You know one thing that I miss about being with my mom? The fact that I lived my life for me and god and no one else. I had no one reigning over me, I had no one I could dis appoint. I miss being able to be .. Free.

Granted I have learned a lot, and probably turned out to be a better person because. But still I think I would of made it even then because of who I am and the goals I’ve set for myself.

I want to leave, I want to venture out into the world and see whats waiting already. Now of course I’m not in the position to do so, but I feel like even when I am I wont be able too. I’ve become so attached to my family, that it’s not that I think I can’t survive without them but things wont be the same if I’m not here. I’ll almost feel like I’m abandoning them.

I see my life becoming that movie where the girl with so much potential stays home and takes care of her family and years later at like a school reunion when are her friends have succeed in life  she realized shes wasted her life away.

I don’t want to be that girl, I just can’t be ..

Remember: “Only you can make or break your future, follow your heart not someone else voice” <3!


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