If it’s not one thing it’s another.

Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me relationships would be so freaking difficult, although you would think of all people I would know that, with me being Dr. Phil and all 😉

I Guess I never thought it would be difficult for me, because it was me <– then again its me, so I don’t know why I’m shocked.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that I wasn’t made for relationships, like that characteristic was just skipped when God made me. I think I like being miserable, honestly, its like I like having the “sad girl” story or something.


Half the time I get me like no one else gets me, and the other half I have no idea whats going on <– this is one of the times I have no idea whats going on if you have not noticed.

I try and fail, I don’t try and fail, either way I fail so … can someone please tell me whats the point

Someone: When its good, its VERY good, and that makes it worth it.

Ohkay thanks “someone” but riddle me this, what if the bad out ways the good not that it does, I’m just saying hypothetically speaking?

Remember ” Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to” <3!


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