The only emotion I can feel right now, but it’s not even anger.

It’s a type of calmness that scares me into anger.

For starters I am so ready for winter quarter to be over. I think just the anxiety of being back in school, and the fact that I havent been in school for over  a half  a year and not to mention its winter quarter so its only 6 weeks, aka everything is cramed into the four days a week two-hour classes that we have. Ugh lecture lecture lecture test! Did I mention that this past month alone has been extremely hard. Point of this, is its hard <– whomp whomp whomp I know, but I’ve got to vent somewhere right?

On the bright side..

I’m ready for spring quarter, classes I actually like, in a time period I can actually manage, I digg that :]

That along with other things on the brain is just too much. I can’t cry anymore, I can’t pretend anymore, the only thing left is to just be .. angry <– which does no good either but whatever, let me have my moment(s)

On that note I’m going to bed.

Remember “We can only pretend for so long, until we forget what we were pretending” <3!


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