Remember/A new Year

So I’m back! and it only took three months.

Today is February 1, 2010

I have officially declared this my new years, due to the fact that January was just horrible, and there was no way I was letting that be the start of my new year.

So I was going to delete all of my old blogs and just start fresh but I decided that as much as I wanted to I can’t delete my past, its made me who I am today. So I’m keeping it there as a .. reference. But just remember that’s who I was not who I am and if you beg to differ I suggest you put it in the box.

“Put it in the Box” –> Its become my own metaphoric Person. I’ve come to realize that everyone in this world wants me to be someone different, someone I’m not, and me being a people pleaser , I try to transform into each person they create, somewhere along the way I lost who I really was trying to be everyone else. Put it in the box means, put your wants, desires, hopes, and wishes of me in the box  along with your criticism, put downs, and hater comments, and I’ll get around to looking in it. In the mean time I am who I am and I’m probably gonna stay that way( for a while at least). Deal or be dealt, ya digg =]

So I went from Hello –> Remember. why?

Because It’s no longer an introduction, most of you know who I am by now, so its plain and simple, it is what it is. and Remember just so happens to be the perfect word for my life, because believe me there is allot of “remembers” <– Get it, memories ; )

Just a few key things that I think may be important to your life in pertaining to mine.

  • I’m in school, RCC.
  • Still looking for a job
  • Single, kinda <– LONG STORY.
  • Delfina Chante Smith is no longer my friend<– Yes I did have to put that on here, because if you know me, you know thats a BIG DEAL
  • Donovan(the boy) is a heartbreaker … but there’s more <– soon to come
  • I love a girl  <– I’m dealing with the reality of that as we speak
  • More in love now than ever with god, Ironic due to the statement above, but it works.
  • I’m in the process of finding Shardai, in the mean time bear with me please and thank you.

Well thats it for now, I ll be back to fill in the blanks, promise =]

Remember “It doesn’t matter who you were, but who you are at the end of the day” ❤


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