Hello/Period Talk

I titled this “period talk” because (if your a girl) <– then you know that we get all emotional and bitchy and just a mess. when were on our period.

So I'm feeling a certain kind of way and I'm hoping its because I'm going to start my period soon, cause if not then I'm just trippen <– slang:]

So within the past mounth I've had more then a few people tell me I've gained some weight <—(sigh) <– So people, I know I may come off as an overly confident person but people COME ONNN, I am a girl I do have feeling and believe it or not but I can be self concious!

Ugh, I don't know what it is, maybe its the fact that I surround myself with people that are gorgeous and are used to recieving allot of attention based on there looks.

I just, I want to be the pretty girl for once in the group, is that bad? I know it shouldnt matter and it usually doesnt, believe me, but I just I don't know.

Everyone knows I have a large variety of friends and a bunch of different little clicks, wether its the pack or my girls, or my twin, youth group, or even family. In every group know what I am, the black girl, or the funny one, or the motherly one. Not that any of those are bad, but hello I'm an 18 year old girl with friends that either have amazing personalities of are drop dead gorgeous, those are not exactly the catagories I want to be in ya know?

sjholsfhjk;fhngds;hfd;mg <– FRUSTRATION.

I tend to be a very confident person and still am, but that doesnt mean I don't have eyes or ears, I'm not obivious to the obvious.

Peace it YO


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