Hello/Ketch up

“Time is a virtue <– in a parallel universe of course”

Anyway, figured I’d drop by, seeing its been a couple days, although not much has happen in those few days. Math is done, just have to do the final. Which is not on line <–Ahh! So I have to go to Cal St. next week and take it, but on a good note its only 35 questions, but on a bad note if I don’t pass the final I don’t pass the class, regardlessof what I get on the previous lessons <– (F,F,A,A,A,B,B) So wish me luck with that situation, God knows I need it.

Home life is pretty well, mom’s gone MIA, rather not discuss it. Brothers getting out of jail in a few weeks <– 😀

I live for the dorms in exactly Two weeks from today! Also meaning my 18th birthday is in exactly two weeks and two days:]

That’s all for the ketch up blog.

Church in the morning, Sweet Dreams.


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