I love how my previous blogs talk about being optimstic and the title of this blog is “hopeless” <– So not optimistic.

Tall, white, and handsome. Loves god. Plays instruments. Funny. Charming. Smart. Goal oriented. Commen interest. Caring. Respectful. <– He exist! <– I think I’ve found the one(figuerativly)

Except one thing I forgot to add to that list, In love with someone thats not me. <– Oh and did I mention the part where I’m helping him win over this love interest. Perrrrfect.

Way to tease me God :p

How I managed to get my self in these situations amazes me! I didnt come into this having any attraction to this guy what so ever. Then POW out of no where I start developing feelings for him.

I call it –>” An accident waiting to turn into a disaster”. 

This would happen to me, me of all people. I’m pretty sure me and relationships were just never meant to happen, because I seem to have the worst of luck. I know those girls that end up with jerks think they have bad luck, but trust me that’s nothing! I always find myself meeting the perfect type of guy, but somehow someway screwing it up or pushing him away.

So of course this guy doesn’t know and believe me I’m going to keep it that way <– unless he reads this blog, in that case I’m screwed. He’s a good guy friend and I miss those so I’ll just be thankful for what I have .. for now atleast.

Secrets Secrets Secrets <— :[

Peace it Yo


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