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Have you ever seen a movie and right after it was over you just wanted to go and re-enact everything?

FAME <– Was that movie.

I f you really knew me, then you’d know all m hopes and dreams. I’ve decided I want to be Oprah, no seriously. Atleast I wanna follow in her footsteps with a few detours.

– Print journalist

– Magazine journalist

– photography studio

– Broadcasting Journalist

– Actress

– Talk Show Host 

Thats pretty much all in one title, this is what I’m going to do, with the help of God ofcourse. Don’t know how I’m going to do all this but believe me I will die trying, and I’m perfectly ohkay with that.

I dont want so much the 15 min of fame but more so I want a voice thats known and heard, its chicha but I want to no scratch that, I’m going to make a difference. 

Anyway back to FAME, it was amazing. It was me. I would love to go to a performing arts school and be surrounded by a bunch of people who have the same goals and dreams that I do.

Everything happens for a reason, and theres a reason I wasnt sent in that direction, but believe me my time will c0me.



Had crazy fun time with Caleb yesterday(:

We went and hung out at target and then went to go see FAME <– loved it! and then went to go eat and just talked.

“I want us to be best friends and nothing more ya know” -Caleb

I’m perfectly fine with that(:

It’s funny how everyone wants to be my bestfriend and nothing more, I guess it’s a compliment right? .. It is right?

Well incase you havent already heard people, I’m a great friend, so line up cause thats the only line t hat I’ll be trailing.

Anyway Caleb is amazing:]



So my sister and I are watching the Tyra Banks show and its “sex survey for teens” episode. Theres this girl who lost her virginity to two guys in one night at the age of twelve! Are you serious?!

Teens these days, seriously I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong generation.

Anyway my sister took me to get ice cream because I’m still a virgin :] haha yay me.


Hello/Her Story

Coming soon! <– Here now!

So I was going to write our actual story but some things should just be left unsaid. Instead I’ll just tell you about that night.

[insert name] makes me nervous and feel so important all in the same breath. Its the scariest most intriguing thing ever :]

Exciting yet dangerous.

[insert name] Touched me,  just a single touch and it was breath taking. <– Who does that?

Confession: I long to just be held, that night [insert name] held me, just the way I wanted to be. 

When it comes to me, I’m very old fashion. I like to be whined and dinned and for you to take  your time. I’m not a very big fan of SEX plain an simple. Now I’ll tease you in a heartbeat but thats about as much as you’ll get out of me. 

[Insert name] Made me rethink my tactics about sex. <– (gasp)

This person contains the things I hate and love. There contradicting against my beliefs yet make me not care.

Though nothing truly occurred, it was an amazing night? according to [insert name] its all a done deal now, so be it then.

One night only.



That will be my new destination, for now atleast.

Hold the questions please.

Everything happens for a reason, lets just stick with that, and on that note.




Birthday weekenddd 😉 <— mhmm.

Friday: I went to UCR block party with Alicia and Steph and we met up with my twin and Betsy. Saw Kid cuddie or whatever lol perform. It was pretty chill. <– and saw Dorian 😀

Saturday: Spent all day getting ready to go out that night <– First club 😀 Arika (brothers gf) took me to get my nails done and shopping for an outfit(: starting to like her, shes pretty chill.

Anyways the club was pretty fun, wish I would have brought one of my girls cause steph and Alicia were in their own world. But my sisters were there, yeah I know! But it was actually a lot of fun with them ❤ plus Tameka almost beat some trick down <– lmao! Quite intense though, pretty sure I saw like the kids being conceived, lmao.

Sunday: Church with Alicia and Steph, which is still mind blowing to me. Then brunch with them and my two sisters 😀 I’m so glad they like them, and all get along(: and then me Alicia and steph went to go look at a possible place for step and three of her teammates to stay, by her coaches place <– Mmm 😉

All in all, great weekend. LONG and exhausting but so worth it ❤



The actual day of my birthday Chelsi&Sara <– Adopted parents ❤ took me out.

Went to Disney land <–2nd time, but my first was a horrible expierence so this was a make up 😀 It was amazinngg, I had so much fun! I felt like a kid again.

It’s amazing, the people in my life. I cant even begin to tell you how grateful I am. I love Sara and Chels so much, they love and accept me for who I am, can I ask for more 😀

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