So Micheal’s death was concluded a homicide. Finally! They put his poor body and spirit through hell, and he’s still not berried!

So  they were talking on the news something about proof that this was a publicity stunt and he was really alive. Could you imagine? People would be furious yet happy. So insane! I really hope not, HIGHLY doubt it though.

I wonder if the dreams would stop? If I ever met him would I tell him about the dreams, I’d probably sounds psycho. Still I ponder the thought.

They’ve been doing all these t.v specials on him. Man. It totally changes the way the public portrays him though, atleast to me. They made this movie/Documentary thing, and it was horrible, it made him seem like he was slow and perverted, or maybe he was? I don’t know, but in my dreams he’s nothing like that, then again it is my dreams.

Speaking of dreams, update?

Were going on three years and its my last year at NYU. We’ve decided that after I graduate were going to “get serious” <– his words. I think we already are, but he wouldn’t explain it to me. Anyway, hes getting ready to go on tour to promote his new album (which he dedicated to me) and I’ll be done with school in abot 6 months.  Oh, did I tell you I met Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato at the gym and we’ve become like best friends and later Taylor Swift? <– typical 😛 <– but its my dream:]

Things are pretty good, we hit a few speed bumps with some drama,now that we;ve become public its allot harder I will admit but it helps are communication. So yeah that’s about it minus a few details.

Happy belated Birthday Jay(: <– I didnt get on yesterday so I couldnt tell you.

Still think I’m pycho, believe me I agree, but what can I do.


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