Hello/Upside Down

I made time:]

“It’s amazing  how one day your world can be perfectly fine and the next its turned upside down, guess that’s life in a nutshell” – SimplyShardai

Well for starters, I got he money for the class and I’ve started. Relieved I got the money, that’s now the least of my problems. I don’t know how I’m going to pass this class. Its ridiculous. There’s an on line tutor that I can call but he’s on vacation <– Does me allot of good. And you would think, oh just call another one, but they only have one. Don’t ask me why. I’m trying to take it one step at a time, literally, but I just find myself in tears. I HATE feeling helpless. Emphasis on the “Hate”.

Tomorrows the family picnic, I hope and pray to god that I just relax and enjoy myself, although that almost seems impossible at the moment. But Delfina and Alicia will be there, two of my favorite people, so that should help, plus food:]

Speaking of Alicia, oh god, where do I begin. I’m losing my best friend people. I don’t think you heard me, I’M LOSING MY BEST FRIEND. Its breaking my heart, literally. I’d rather not go into details but just know its a mess and I’m helpless and for once, I don’t know how to fix this, I find myself digging my whole deeper and deeper. (Sigh) This can not be happening.

On another note, they ruled Jays death as a homicide. It only took a month, poor jay. He didn’t deserve this. He was Born in the spot light, raised in the spot light, can we at least let him die not in the spot light, jeez!

They made this short biography of him kinda, and they had actual actors play different roles like a movie. and, forgive me i don’t know his real name, but Flex from one on one, played Micheal, it was interesting? And that’s being nice. But it made me miss him even more, and currently in “our other life” we’ve been arguing and after watching that I just wanted to go to sleep so we could make up, lmao. But I’ll see him in a few so no worries ;]

Well this is all I can do for now, its late and tomorrows going to be a busy day.

Wait wait wait,  I forgot the most important thing. Jeree had her baby! Yes yes yes! August 6th at 9:56pm 7 lbs 9 ounces 20 inches Aiyana Neveah Sanders was born, oh and she’s beautiful! Head full of hair and just the cutest little thing.


Okay, sweet dreams I’ll be back as soon as I can!

P.s sorority swim party on Saturday:] <– I’m going!


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