My own personal demon summed from hello, Algebra Two. <– Believe it.

Man oh man. I’d rather not go into details, just know that I need $150 by Wednesday <– the day after tomorrow, to take and finish a math class in two weeks or i wont be attending college until next fall.

I’m pissed that I’m just being informed of this, I’m scared because math is my weakness,I’m embarrassed because I even have to do this not to mention disappointed, I’m anxious because I don’t know if I can even get the money, and I’m just freaking out.

I have friends that are willing to help me out of course, but I’m stubborn and Id hate to borrow that much money):

I wont know whats gonna happen until tomorrow when I call again but I’m putting it in gods hands and praying that he’ll take care of it.


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